Fortnite’s battle royale mode has always been about escaping the storm

Fortnite’s battle royale mode has always been about escaping the storm. Now, it’s asking you to run towards one.

Dynamic weather has been added to the game today, as part of Fortnite’s 19.01 update. Tornadoes can now form across the map, picking v bucks generator up items, damaging structures, and – if you get sucked up – providing a handy airborne method of escape.

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Dark clouds overhead can also now forecast lightning storms, which can strike objects and players. Being struck by lightning deals a v bucks generator small amount of damage and sets the surrounding area on fire, but also grants a speed boost.

If you’re looking to be deliberately struck, developer Epic Games has some tips. Look for the highest point of ground under the cloud, or head to any body of water beneath it. (Obviously, kids, you should not try this at home.)


Fortnite transitioned to Epic’s new Unreal Engine 5 for the launch of Chapter 3 in December, though the first few weeks with the game’s fresh map have been more concerned with getting to know its new environments (and celebrating Christmas). With today’s new weather effects, Epic has begun flexing its new engine’s muscles a little further.

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Fortnite’s new will tornadoes rip across any terrain in their path

Fortnite’s new will tornadoes rip across any terrain in their path, destroy trees, houses, and even bigger buildings, but players get off a little luckier. If a player is close enough to a tornado, the twister will pick them up and swirl them up into the sky. From there, players can either spin around until the cyclone hurls them randomly into the distance, or they can jump out and glide to safety.

Lightning is a little more dangerous, but still helpful. Electric bolts will strike randomly, but they favor bodies of v bucks generator water and higher ground. If lightning strikes a player they’ll take a bit of damage but also gain a temporary speed boost. Lightning also won’t strike the same place twice, so good luck getting zapped by a second speed-boosting bolt. The lightning also starts fires if it strikes something flammable.

And that’s not the only new way to start a fire with this patch. The latest Fortnite update also brings back the game’s flare gun. The flare gun can be found in chests, on the ground, or in supply drops.

Fortnite is running a “Power Leveling” weekend

period of downtime in late December, Fortnite is running a “Power Leveling” weekend and giving away a free cosmetic item this month.

On December 29, right in the middle of its Christmas event, Fortnite experienced server glitches that prevented players from logging into the game and joining online matches. These issues were promptly resolved after just a few hours, but it still meant that people missed out on some valuable Winterfest time, which could have otherwise been spent completing seasonal challenges and earning additional experience points (XP).

Granted, Fortnite is a free-to-play experience v bucks generator and so a case could be made that the developers at Epic Games were under no obligation to compensate fans for this extended downtime. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that some do choose to invest in premium battle passes and Fortnite Crew subscriptions and therefore expect to make the most v bucks generator of these purchases on a monthly basis.

With that in mind, Epic Games did promise to “make up for lost time” and that they would communicate more details about how they would do this in the future. After a week of waiting, players have now been informed exactly what is going to happen.Newsweek Newsletter sign-up >

The apology from Epic Games comes in two halves. First, there will be a “Power Leveling” weekend event in Fortnite, where you will get a chance to earn “supercharged” XP. Then, there is also a new free cosmetic item that is being given away as the last reward for Winterfest 2021.

Many not only expected NetherRealm Studios

Many not only expected NetherRealm Studios‘ next game to be revealed by now, but to be out by now. This hasn’t happened. We are only a few months v bucks generator away from the three-year anniversary of Mortal Kombat 11, and the Chicago-based studio still hasn’t revealed its next game. With its latest project, NetherRealm Studios has broken its tradition of releasing a new game every other year, alternating between Mortal Kombat and Injustice. Again, the expectation was that its new game was going to be released last year, and that it would be injustice 3, but again, this didn’t happen. Not only did this now happen, but the studio was silent.

The past few months, there’s been speculation that the studio’s next game would be revealed at The Game Awards 2021, but, again, obviously, this didn’t happen. There’s still no word what the studio’s next game is or when it will be revealed, but NRS Studios’ creative director, Ed Boon, did provide an v bucks generator update while interacting with a curious fan, noting the team still isn’t ready to announce what it’s been working on, before explaining that there are “many more variables involved” than he can talk about. 

“Really appreciate the enthusiasm for our next game and wish we were ready to announce,” said Boon. “But we aren’t yet. Many more variables involved than we are allowed to disclose.”

Obviously, this statement is quite vague. What these variables are, we don’t know. This could be in reference to reports that WB Games was recently shopped around by AT&T, which could have disrupted the studio’s development flow. This could also be in reference to the game itself and the parties involved. 

Towers is returning to Fortnite

Tilted Towers is returning to Fortnite, and according to a new leak, it’s returning quite soon. Fortnite fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of Tilted Towers, the most popular and well-known location in Fortnite ever. Since its destruction, Epic Games has added variations of the location to the map, but players have been demanding the return of the location in its original and unaltered form. And again, it sounds like this is finally happening quite soon.

Taking to Twitter, prominent Fortnite leaker and insider, HypeX, has revealed that the third stage of snow of the current map is set to go live on January 10. What does this mean? Well, if this process continues v bucks generator as it has been, the snow should melt and reveal Tilted Towers on January 18, a day after it was originally introduced. 

“The third snow stage goes live on the 10th (in three days), Tilted Towers is on Stage 6,” said HypeX. “So if it melts every three days then we SHOULD get Tilted Towers, The IO & Their Cave POI, Butter Cake, Grenade Launchers & 19.10 on the 18th which is Tilted Towers’ birthday.”

For now, this is all speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. We know Tilted Towers is coming back, the more pertinent question is when. According to this theory, it’s on the 18th, but this remains to be seen. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait very long to see if it’s accurate.

At the moment of publishing, Epic Games has v bucks generator not addressed any of this with any type of comment. We don’t anticipate this changing, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story with whatever it has to say, salient or not.0comments

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